A guide to Curborough Sprint Circuit - where we ride

A guide to Curborough Sprint Circuit - where we ride

Sam warming up at Curborough

This is the second in a series of guides to the circuits used by the Junior races throughout the year. Hopefully it will help you understand where we race, the conditions and facilities and what to expect if you want your budding champions to have a go at racing.

Today we are visting Curborough Sprint Circuit.

The circuit:

Curborough is the home track for Lichfield City Cycling Club and is located on the outskirts of the town. Like Mallory Park, it's a motor racing circuit which is used for cycle events. It's another wide circuit with an excellent surface, good uphill and downhill sections and corners.

Probably the best feature of the track is the visibility - it's probably the only track we race on where you can see the whole circuit. Standing on the bank, you get an excellent view of the racing all round the track.

There is plenty of space for warming up and even a shared set of snips for removing that annoying length of cable tie for your transponder.

It's an easy circuit to get to from the Stratford area, straight up the M40, M42 and the M6 Toll road - usually less than an hour to get there. There is plenty of parking.

Facilities are good with toilets and a great little cafe with hot drinks and bacon rolls - though don't take your bike into the cafe area!

If there is one down side to the site, there is very little shelter should the weather be wet and windy, so if the forecast is not good, take your waterproofs.

The Racing:

Lichfield CCC host several rounds of the West Midlands Closed Circuit league at the track as well as additional races for their own league. The club has added a skills round for U8 and U10 riders to help encourage younger riders pick up the skills they will need for future races. Racing can be fast paced here, but the open track can mean that wind is a factor. 

Racing often starts earlier here than at other circuits, so make sure you check the times for races as they will be different to others. There are also set times for gear checks and registration, but all the times are shared ahead of the race.

A parents perspective:

I have a soft spot for Curborough, despite several cold and wet race days. The visibility really makes this track and you get to watch the racing at all points, so you don't have that moment where all the riders vanish and you don't know what's happening. You are involved throughout the race. 

For more on the West Midlands Youth Circuit League, visit the British Cycling website

The track

The track

Cafe on the right

Cafe on the right