Sunday Club Runs

Stratford Cycling Club Sunday Club Runs

The mainstay of the organised cycling events is the traditional Sunday morning club run. Situated at the north of the Cotswolds some of the rides venture into this historic countryside and experience the short sharp hills synonymous with this beautiful part of the UK.

Club runs also go into Worcestershire, the vale of Evesham for flat rides and into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. These are lead with local knowledge and experience ensuring that the quietest and safest roads lead to the best tea stops

Rides resume Sunday 4th April

From Sunday 4th April we will be resuming Sunday Club Runs leaving Henley Street, out side the Box Brownie at 9.00 and we expect to offer the familiar A, B+ and B rides. Although BC have sanctioned groups of up to 15 for organised club training rides we will be following their advice and limiting groups to approximately six riders to start with.