Club Time Trials

SCC Time Trials

The Club Time Trials are held almost every other Thursday throughout the summer months (please check dates below). Visitors are welcome but the club competitions are open to first claim members only are detailed as follows:

Please note: You must be a member of a RTTC affiliated club to race our club time trials. You can not join Stratford Cycling Club on a race night you must be a member for at least 24 hours before competing



CTT Regulation 14(i) – Compulsory Use of Rear Red Light 
14(i)    No competitor shall be permitted to start either a Type A or Type B event unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their machine a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users. 

This will effect all SCC Time Trial Events - No working rear light—NO RIDE!