Junior Stratford Cycling Club Membership
Junior Stratford Cycling Club Membership

Junior membership in the club entitles a young person to attend club sessions and to ride in competition for Stratford Cycling Club. Juniors may only ride in Senior club activities when a club coach advises that the activity will be suitable for the young person, this is to protect the young person from a situation where they are found well and truly out of their depth. When a young person is ready to start riding with the senior section then this will be managed for each individual to make the transition as safe, fun and beneficial as possible.

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Parental Consent

All Juniors/parents will need to ensure that the correct parental consent forms are completed to ensure they can participate in their chosen activity.

Parents must complete an online registration form for each child riding with the club: Online registration for Junior and Youth riders.

Forms and participation procedures can be downloaded from here.

Club Rules

Our full rules and terms of membership can be found here.